The perfect place for your next holiday

We are In The Middle of a Protected Bird Sanctuary just 150meters from waterfront and the South Funen Sea. Its a very peaceful area surrounded by Sea and lots of bird and animal Life, since we are situated on the Peninsula Ristinge Hale –  A Small Haven for Nature Entusiasts. Behind Sleep Inn Langeland we have the Wonderful Ristinge Beach – the Best Beach on the Island, with its White Sand and perfect Waters for Swimming, Paddling, Kayaking, watching the Awesome Sunsets and so much more. Its also a great Beach for Kids, a safe Place to enjoy the Warm Summers.

At Sleep Inn Langeland we are minimizing our CO2 footprint, by sorting garbage, making energy with our solar panels, save on water and electricity. Sleep Inn Langeland is furnished with only Second Hand and we are Sea environment entusiasts and members of Havmiljoevogterne and Bike Friends.

Meet Your Host

My Name is Lotte and I´m your Host. 

I live upstairs in the House and you will be sharing the Kitchen with me.

I work as a Ceramicist and Designer, working in sustainable materials as clay and recycled wool. I am throwing ceramics and sewing hats and more and I just made a shop in my garage.

You will meet my very Friendly and Funny Dog Obi (Obi-Wan Kenobi).

He is a Staffie and moves around freely inside the House and outside in the Garden. His fur is very short and he is an allegy friendly breed.

Therefor I do not allow other Dogs in Sleep Inn Langeland, Sorry.