Ristinge Klint

Ristinge Klint behind Sleep Inn Langeland is worth a Visit. The Ristinge Klint is at its highest point 30 m above Sea Level and the Unique Scenery is an addition to the Fantastic Views.

We recommend You take an Evening Walk on the Walking Track on Top of The Ristinge Klint – starting from the Beach you will see magnificent Sunsets Walking Clockwise. The Track is from 3km – 6km around the Ristinge Hale where You can Walk along the Water most of the Way.

On Ristinge Klint Which is A Protected Nature you will find several rare plants and insects living, because of the particularly Hot and Dry Climate found in this South-Facing Peninsula.

You might get Lucky and experience the phenomenon Aurora also called Northern light.


Ristinge Beach

Ristinge Beach is one of the best beaches in Denmark with its White sand and small sanddunes.

The Beach is perfect for kayaking or just playing. The Waters are perfect for kids.


Ristinge Hale

At the end of my street we have the Tale of Langeland which is a protected sanctuary for birds and wild animals.

You are welcome to walk out there all year around and 3 months of year in june, july and august you are allowed to kitesurf. The area is perfect and safe for kitesurfers. Its also a great place for fishing kayaking, hiking, see Northern light/Aurora. Fishing for Great Sea Trout, Flat Fish, Mackerel, EEl, Shrimps, Mussels and much more. Wanna try get som Shrimps? Borrow my Shrimp Net!


Ristinge Havn

The small habour is just 5min away on foot. Get up early and buy fresh fish from the local fishermen. Do some kayaking or paddling since the waters are perfect and very safe for water sports. 



The Waters in front of Slepp Inn Langeland is perfect for a tour in Kayaking along Sea Shore  North towards Rudkøbing or South toward Ristinge Hale (the Tail).

Rent a Kayak at Sleep Inn Langeland.

Price is 500kr a day,  no matter if you rent 2 hours or 7 hours.

Price is including Vest, Sprayskirt and Paddle. A Deposit of 2000kr is mandatory and the Deoposit will be returned when Kayak and Equipment is returned in perfect condition


The wild horses

Visit the wild horses at Gulstav mose, which is a protected Bird sanctuary. Gulstav mose is just 12km away from Sleep Inn Langeland



Langeland is a smaller Island and you can bring your bikes, the Island is great for biking.

You can rent a bike at Sleep Inn Langeland,


Pool & Minigolf

Visit the camping just 1,5km from Sleep In Langeland. For a small fee you can use the pools, play mini golf or tennis. Here there is a small mini market where you can buy food, icecream and more